7 Important rules for keeping your office clean

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is substantial for our health which entirely depends on the environment we live and work in. A clean office space enhances the productivity and overall morale of the employees. They will be much happier to work if the office culture promotes and rewards cleanliness and a tidy workplace. Everyone likes to work in a clean and organised workspace but don’t want to put extra efforts to achieve it.  It’s difficult to get any work done in a messy and disorganised area. People are continually searching for tools, documents and other information in a chaotic office environment which affects the productivity of the employees and hampers the overall growth of the business. The more time is spent on searching for things; the less time is spent on work.

A messy workplace creates negative energy all around which can affect the employees and the business. Clients and visitors do take note of a dingy office, and the environment of the office reflects on your culture and work ethic. Hence to make sure that your clients take you seriously and do not withdraw business from you, keeping your office space clean becomes imperative. Clean office surroundings will leave a good impression on every visitor and well spread positivity all around. It is a fact that people don’t have enough time to invest in cleaning during work hours, but following a few tips and tricks can help in achieving a clean work environment.

Here are 7 easy and important rules to ensure the cleanliness of your office:

  1. Declutter the files on your desk

Decluttering is the first step when you have to clean up your office space. Start with removing papers and files from the desks. Arrange all the documents over the desks. Get rid of the files and reports that you no longer need. Store all the essential documents in file folders and binders instead of keeping them on the desks. These file folders will be helpful in clearing a lot of space.

Remove all the unnecessary stuff such as markers, loose pens, paper clips, used notepads and diaries, cups or coffee mugs or any other thing.

  1. Wipe your Electronics

Electronics of the offices get dirty too soon. Computers and keyboards get dusty very often. Hence cleaning them frequently is important. Use wipes especially made for electronics to clean them so that they don’t get damaged. Do not use wet wipes for dusting the electronics, as it can damage the protective coating of the screens. However, using a microfiber cloth will help in avoiding any scratches on the surface; however, you can use a soft towel or newspaper.

  1. Assign a place for everything

Assign places for keeping different things in a fixed place. The key to keep your office space clean at all times is to keep all the things in its allocated places. Your office will not look overloaded by this trick and will look neat and tidy. Ask your employees and staff to follow this trick and keep all the stuff in their fixed places.

  1. Use Technology to your advantage

Technology has advanced itself so much that you can use it for your office cleaning as well. There are varieties of digital tools and tricks that can help you in staying organised. You can clear your desk of paperwork and trash by scanning the documents for future references. Use the same method for invoices and receipts. Many types of software such as digital archiving etc. can help the entire team in staying organised.

Also, there are plenty of apps that can increase the productivity of the whole team. Many programs are available that can make it much easier to collect the signatures of all the employees so that you can get your work done without any hassle.

  1. Have your Office Space Cleaned Professionally

Cleaning the office space is a laborious task; hence taking the assistance of a reputed professional cleaning company is very beneficial. However, even if you follow a cleaning routine, you will need professional cleaners to clean the office thoroughly and give it a professional touch.  Cleaning the furniture, cubicles and carpets is essential; and only expert cleaners can do it smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Take out the Garbage every afternoon

Make sure to empty the garbage bins of your office every day. A garbage bin that has been left for overnight can spread germs all around and leave unpleasant odours the next day in the office. Food begins to decay within few hours, so if you don’t clear out your bins on a daily basis, it can be dangerous for the health of the staff members. Making separate bins for food and other junk will help from preventing them to stink and spreading any infections around.

Use a friendly reminder to encourage your staff take few minutes out and drop their clutter and dump it outside the office building. Also, make a habit of not leaving wrappers, boxes, packing material, piles of paper or any other unnecessary stuff in garbage bins. Make sure you have these things like proper recycling bins available at all times.

  1. Make a Schedule and stick to it

Making a schedule and following it regularly will ensure a neat and clean office every day. Make a proper cleaning routine and share it with the office staff by explaining that a little bit of cleaning can be good for everyone. Give different tasks to all the employees and ask them to check if the assigned work is done on time or not. This will encourage the staff to participate in the cleaning routine.