7 Ways You Can Make Your Website User-Friendly

Any business needs to have a good and informative website in today’s digital age because most consumers can now be found online. A strong website is also an excellent way to boost your business in Australia and helps improve the branding of your products and service.

Thus, you need to create a website that showcases your brand image and value and is user-friendly for customers. If you need help in making your website more relevant in today’s digital age as well as user-friendly, you can follow the below tips by digital marketing experts:

  • Listen to Your Users’ Viewpoints

To create a good website for your business, you need to understand what your users want. You should regularly take their feedback, customise your website content, and design it accordingly. 

Your users can tell you what needs to be modified on your website and what is missing, and you can fix these features accordingly and make your website more user-friendly.

  • Make It Faster

You need to work on your business website and increase its speed range to load faster. Most users will log off a site that takes too long to load and will move on to a different site. So, you need to check the speed of your website constantly and see if it loads correctly and works without any glitches.

  • Make It Informative

Another great way to make your business website more user-friendly is by making it more informative. You should take customer surveys and reviews and see what all information people want from your brand.

You can then start displaying all this information and give people all the required matters and content about your business in Australia and make them more interested in your site. This will keep your business relevant in today’s digital age.

  • Create A Simple Navigation Tool

An essential aspect of any business in Australia is creating a website with a simple and easy navigation tool. You can do this in the following manner:

  • You should make sure your navigation bar quickly takes the users around your website and is easily targeted back to the landing page.
  • You should make sure your navigation bar is easily accessible and is not too crowded so that it doesn’t get too confusing to use.
  • You should also make sure the order on the navigation bar is the same on every page so that users know where to find things.
  • Use Vibrant Colours

A vibrant and colourful website will attract more consumers and make them stay on your page longer. You should use contrasting and bright colours that suit your brand image.

Create a vivid display of colours that don’t strain the eye and allow the consumer to read your website content easily. Try to use colours that will match the tone of your business, whether it is formal or informal.

  • Create A Good Site Layout

For any business in Australia, it is essential to have a website that has a neat and well-laid website setting. Almost all consumers use smartphones in today’s age and would prefer having a mobile-friendly site as well so that they can access it at any time.

You should create a site layout for your website with mobile and desktop user-friendly features. The site layout should be easy to navigate on the mobile and should use a good font size so that the users don’t have to zoom in constantly.

  • Give All Contact Information

You must constantly update your contact page and give all your relevant numbers and email addresses so that consumers can contact you at any time, whether it be for product information or general queries.

You should also include links to your social media accounts so that people can click on them and message you on social media platforms for any information.


It is necessary to have a good and robust website in today’s digital age as businesses in Australia have to attract online consumers and make them want to click on and stay on your page.  They need to get all the brand, products, and services information of your business from your website to make an informed decision and purchase your branded products and services.