Best Small Business Ideas In Australia

According to reports, small businesses in Australia account for over 98% of all businesses. In 2022, the number of active small businesses in Australia is 2,569 900 and is said to be multiplying. This is an outstanding number in such a vibrant economy where there is the ease of doing business. If you also want to join this bandwagon and start a small business of your own, you should read below.

Why Should You Start A Small Business?

You should start a small business in Australia because you can learn much from running your team. You will also hone your business skills and understand how the market works. Here are some other benefits of starting your own small business:

  • You can be as creative as possible and implement your own ideas without anyone’s approval.
  • You can innovate and try new things to see what your customers will like.
  • Also, you will learn how to brand yourself and create a market for your products from scratch.
  • You can be your own boss and work at flexible times that suit your interests.
  • You can claim business expenses like travel, food, office space, equipment, and phone bills. This will reduce your costs and increase your tax benefits.
  • As a small business owner, you can directly deal with people and see what an impact you are making in your current area of operations.

Small Business Ideas In Australia

Now that you know why you should start a small business in Australia, here are some small business areas you can look at:

  1. Laundromat Business

The laundromat business is one area in which you should start a business if you want to rake in huge profits. According to IBIS reports, the laundromat business makes over 2 billion dollars annually. This is a considerable amount and is a great way to learn how to manage a profitable business. To start your own laundromat business in Australia, you must keep a budget of at least $180K. But it also depends on factors like size, equipment required and how complex you want to make it. So you must plan your budget accordingly.

  • Gaming Industry

Australian firms have been one of the leaders in the gaming industry and have made several profitable games. There is also a rising demand all across the country for game developers. You can start your own gaming business and showcase your creativity with new and innovative video games. Being creative is one of the best reasons to start your own business instead of working for someone else.

  • Airport Shuttle Business

If you love transportation-related businesses, you must consider an airport shuttle service. There is high demand for these services, and you can tie up with hotels, operators and tour agencies to start a profitable business. Make sure to register your business for tax returns and start an account as you start the business.

  • Cybersecurity Business

Due to a rise in cybercrime and security breaches, cybersecurity services are on the rise in Australia. You can make a considerable profit, start your cyber security firm, and provide high-quality and safe online security.

  • Babysitting

Babysitting is a rising business in Australia with the increase in working parents. Most people look for good caretakers for their children who they know they can trust. So, if you love children and want to ensure they are well taken care of, you can start this business. You can even start this business from home and earn up to 25-35 dollars per hour.

  •  Online Teaching

You should consider an online teaching business if you love imparting knowledge to others. Online teaching is flexible and comfortable; you can form connections with your students. You can teach school or professional courses and market your business through social media.

  • Catering

Lastly, Australia is a land of food lovers, and this is an excellent avenue for small businesses. You can start your own catering business and make and sell the food you love to clients. This will surely rake in high profits and allow you the scope for expansion.


Small businesses are significant areas to invest in as you can create your style of working and ideas, use your creative skills and do what you love as a job. You can use the above ideas to start your own small business or visit the Unwired Business website to find more such ideas.